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New version of SCS 2.5.2 2009-01-24
New version compatible with the Last Scol Voy@ger.

Update for the SCS setup 2006-03-03
An update for the SCS and graphic library is available.

This update allows the setup of the SCS and graphic library after the SCOL 4.6 is installed.

SCS 2.5 Final ! 2004-04-01
We present below a summary of the new functionalities suggested in SCS 2.5 :

Several projects can be open at the same time. .

SCS2 is localisable in all the languages (this versions is in English and French).

Does complete management of the skins enable you to change the skin of the SCS when wish it to you, and why not create your ?

A wizard allows you to create quickly and easily a SCS site..

More fonctions

More of 20 additional functions were incorporated, either in the form of modules or in the form of plugins which add functions to different modules

The management of the upload of the sites on mutualized server re-examined and is functional again !
No more problem for hosting !

Complete documentation

Documentation was entirely supplemented and updated.

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