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Version en cours : 2.5

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The icone Run (F9) launch the site on the PC on which the SCS is opened.

If necessary, an automatic save of the project is done automatically.

The server window will be displayed.

If a "contact" module were correctly integrated, it will be possible to launch the client interface locally.

In the file where the project was saved, a file "name_of_project.scol" was automatically generated.

It contains the script of launching of the site. It is on him that it is necessary double-to click to launch the site manually.

If an error appears during the compilation of the site, a window of error is displayed. The site could not be launched as long as the error will not be solved.

If the error seems to you obscure, publish the generated files of log (..\scol\partition\log).

For use fully, think of configuring Scol Voy@ger in an adequate way (cf Scol Voy@ger documentation).

If resources miss (typically 3d objects or textures), those will be listed, with their relative ways.


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