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Working Zone

It is in this mode that you will place and connect your modules.

To publish a module, double-click above :

A window of edition resembling that more or less there will open.

At least, the interface is standardized.

In top, the type of module (here sound Environnment)

Below, the name of the module : you can change it in order to give him an explicit name, in particular if you have several modules of the same type !

A "?" button allowing to reach the specific help of this module!

Possibly a panel allowing to carry out certain actions of configuration of the module (from which the methods are accessible in the help). To publish a link, double click on the bubble in the center of the link (round red in top of image below)

A edition window will open in which you will find one or more links.

Select to remove it with key "DEL" of the keyboard or to associate a parameter to him

You can reach this window by selecting the links and while supporting on"F7" (View | Properties).

By making "F7" on a module, you post all the links relating to the aforementioned module.

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